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5 gatherings march 17th 2007
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International call against EPR

No to nuclear reactor EPR , Yes to energy alternatives

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Despite a huge nuclear overcapacity and even though it is becoming urgent to develop a new energy consumption management and invest in renewable energy at the same time, the French Government has asked EDF to build a new nuclear reactor, EPR (European Pressurized Reactor), in Flamanville (Manche/ Normandy).

The French nuclear energy lobby wants to present the public with a fait accompli and impose the substitution of existing capacities for EPRs (European Pressurized Reactor) in the future.

However, it is obvious that choosing EPR is a wrong decision from all aspects :

- Energy : France currently over-produces electrical energy and doesn’t need any new plant for the next decades. Nuclear energy represents 78% of French electricity comsumption but only 15% of final energy consumption and... 4% of the world’s! And it cannot replace the use of oil in transportation. It is thus not a solution to reverse climate change either.

- Economy : this extremely expensive project (billions of euros) will delay the necessary redeployment of the French industry without addressing its difficulties.

- Social aspects : the increasing demand for renewable energy will help create many more jobs and will be more adapted to the future than nuclear energy. For the same investment, a wind power program would lead to twice the amount of electricity production and would create 5 times more jobs than the building of the EPR - as shown in the French study "Eole ou Pluton?" made in 2003 by the organization Détente.

- Environment : EPR is not providing any response to the safety nor to waste management problems which will burden future generations.

Because we refuse the perpetuation of nuclear threat on the planet;
Because we deny the French nuclear lobby the right to impose a new reactor on us (French people and the rest of the world);
Because we reject the confusion between state service to the public (“service public d’état”) and nuclear lobbying interest;
Because we know this useless investment will end up as a burden on consumers and future generations in France and elsewhere;
Because we want a future made of clean, decentralized, safe and renewable energies;

Together, let’s say NO to the EPR, Yes to energy alternatives and let’s sign the call

International call against EPR