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5 gatherings march 17th 2007
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5 demonstrations in France saturday march 17th 2007

Lille, Lyon, Rennes, Strasbourg and Toulouse

> Group departures

March 17th 2007, Demonstrations in 5 French cities :

France is the most nuclearized country in the world. Since our electric company EDF belongs to the public sector, the nuclear energy has been imposed upon the French people in the 70’s making us, against our will, a world exception. We have 58 nuclear reactors, and we overproduce nuclear energy. The excess production is sold (very cheap) to our European neighbours, while we keep the nuclear wastes.

Nothing seems able to stop the ambitions of this powerful lobby that dreams turning France, Europe and the whole world into an atomic land.

In April 1986, while Chernobyl was burning, they kept the French people ignorant, telling them the radioactive cloud had stopped at the border.

This nuclear lobby is now planning to build a new reactor in Flamanville, in the North West of France : the EPR (European Pressurized Reactor).

Since we now France already produces nuclear electricity in excess, we do not need a new reactor; it’s just a showcase to sell reactors all over the world, and a project to nuclearize France further more. Finland has bought one, a EPR. But they are having big problems in building it and are already two years behind schedule.

On April 15, 2006 we organized a demonstration in Cherbourg with 30,000 people taking part. We were joined by demonstrators from other European countries and thank them for having come.

In reaction, we are preparing now protests scheduled for March 17, 2007 in 5 cities:

- Rennes in Britanny, in the West
- Lille in the North
- Strasbourg on the German border
- Lyon in the South East
- Toulouse in the South West.

That is why we are asking for your help.

We are getting fed up with living under this threat, but do not forget that the threat we live under is also threatening you: Chernobyl is in Ukraine, but it is mainly in Belarus that people are still dying today from the nuclear disaster. A nuclear disaster in France could make more victims in England, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy or Spain. How can we know? It depends on the wind, it depends on the rain...

We have to be more and more numerous to show our politicians what kind of Europe we want. A Europe where we could see our children safely growing up”. It’s not much to ask, but we are guilty if we do not ask it. The nuclear lobby is just preparing hell for Europe, its only concern is profit and stock options.

Please, come to help us, come to help yourselves on March 17th, in the closest city from where you live.

Please, come with your claims, your distinctive characteristics, your TV. Let’s get together on that day (wearing yellow clothes as a rallying sign) to make it a historical event, to make it the start of a new peaceful Europe.